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Dynamic MOTD Poor man's server monitoring. SSH welcome message with current metrics. Direct Download

git clone https://github.com/dckg/dynamic-motd.git

Full Server Encryption Automatic minimal Debian setup from live system with:
  • optional FDE (full disk encryption)/LUKS
  • optional PBA (pre-boot authentication) with dropbear
  • LVM partitioning
  • GPT partition table
  • runs within a debian chroot - fast (<5min) and should work on every distribution
  • EFI/UEFI support
  • RAID 0/1
Direct Download

git clone https://github.com/dckg/db_gpt.git

Struct and StructService
  • Java serialization library, tries to provide the functionality of a C-like struct - serialization of raw data
  • Plus minimal RPC-/RMI-like framework, involving Struct
  • Gradle/Maven integration
  • jar available for download
Git Repository
WIP Annotation and reflection based DAO (Data Access Object) approach for interacting with a database.
  • bonus: SQL script creates Java classes dynamically
  • framework
Git Repository

Git available since 6. Oct. 2016.
18. Nov. 2016: Moved to GitHub! Downloads are still listed here, but git hosting is done on GitHub.
18. Dec. 2016: Added GPG key.

GPG Release Signing Key
Fingerprint: EC5E 2B25 4BD7 BC2B 711C 2C89 6648 F80E 96E4 5DE6
Fingerprint (GitHub format): 6648F80E96E45DE6
Download Key

Import Snippet

wget -qO- https://dckg.net/dl/gpg/dckg.net_release_signing_key_2016-12-14.asc | gpg --import -
All tags of my releases are signed with the key above. Always verify tags, for your own safety!
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